QC, Audit & Monitoring

Your subservicer’s mistakes affect your financial, regulatory, and reputational risk and well-being. We help subservicers design oversight programs that help ensure your borrowers have been and will be treated fairly, regardless of their financial situation, keeping you in compliance with regulators.

We work with servicers to create a subservicing oversight program that meets investor requirements, and on top of that, provides you with a more holistic view of your risk profile. We offer investor-compliant quality control services, with a complement of audits where we target known hotspots for both subservicer assessment and long-term, in-house compliance sustainability.

  • CFPB Foreclosure Moratorium comprehensive audit
    • CFPB timeline review
    • Comprehensive analysis of subservicer contact attempts for illegal foreclosure referral
  • Curated, up-to-date, and comprehensive quality control questionnaires, inclusive of federal, state, investor, and all other required jurisdictions 
  • Experienced quality control auditors performing independent loan-level reviews
  • Interactive question/rebuttal portal
  • Ability to bulk import needed materials monthly
  • Easy transition from current quality control provider
  • Can be set up while building out an in-house servicing plan
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