Servicing Your Loans Your Way

At Universal Component Lender Services, Inc., we help our clients provide a best-in-class experience for their borrowers. Our customized solutions allow master servicers to outsource individual servicing tasks and focus on those activities they do best.

Have more control over your loan portfolio and increase borrower satisfaction with à la carte servicing options.

Who We Serve

Mortgage Bankers Square


Mortgage Bankers

MSR holders who are looking to take servicing in-house or improve retention through customized experiences.

Banks & Credit Unions


Banks & credit unions

Servicers looking to outsource certain processes or add flexible capacity and overflow support when markets change.

Other Servicers


Other Servicers

Holders of non-mortgage products such as personal, business, student, or automotive loan portfolios.

Technology Built To Be Different

Engineered by users and stakeholders, our centralized management system is configurable and executes custom, seamless, and accurate tasks based on your unique needs and processes. We help clients provide better contact faster resulting in an improved customer experience for borrowers.

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